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Hello mlotto7,

From the Silver Strikers' Home Page, you can find the Strike Online Catalog or enter the Web address below and you will find a wealth of information and pictures of most all strikes and most all casinos at no cost to you. The Online Catalog offers total Mintage information when available. As Dennis Berry says, the casinos did not share mintage info with the public.

As mentioned by Member Peggy, many of us collectors use the Comprehensive Nevada Silver Strike Reference Catalog which is available for purchase from:
Warren Schaefer -
Bill Cohenour's Comprehensive Nevada Silver Strike Reference Catalog - $30.00 + Shipping
Bill Cohenour's Comprehensive North America (Non Nevada) Reference Catalog - $30.00 + Shipping

In this Catalog, you will find the current Guide Prices, past 3 years Auction prices(eBay) and the approx. Silver Weight which may be of interest to you.
The higher Guide Price and the higher auction prices give us an idea of the rarity or the demand of a certain strike by collectors.

Happy Strikin',


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