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The Strike Point Usage Policy

This message board was established for the use of club members and non-club members, for promoting the hobby as well as exchanging and disseminating information. Users are encouraged to ask and respond to questions and other postings, with an emphasis on The CC&GTCC club, The Silver Striker's and hobby related topics.

Examples of proper use include:

  • Announcing dates of upcoming casino collectible shows
  • Announcing dates of club meetings
  • Seeking advice on casino collectible values
  • Seeking information about club members
  • Commenting on hobby related media stories
  • Posting proposals to trade with other collectors
  • Commenting on and seeking information about club related matters
  • Stating positions on club policy
  • Posting of newly issued Strikes
  • Referral to Web sites or Auction sites
  • Offering Silver Strikes and related items for sale

It is not intended for non-hobby use such as political debates, professional sports scores or rooting for the home team.

While posting subject related items for sale here is acceptable use, please don't abuse this policy. If you are in the business of selling Silver Strikes or other casino collectibles, please consider helping to support this board by becoming an advertiser. Rates are ridiculously cheap and you will find no better way to reach your target audience. Please email me for more information.

It is not possible to list and delineate all possible proper and prohibited uses. If there is a question regarding acceptable use, please email the Webmaster or post a question on the The Strike Point.

The Strike Point is intended for the use of all those interested in the CC&GTCC, The Silver Strikers and the casino collectibles hobby. It is restricted in its use as stated in this policy.

There are other bulletin boards and web sites that provide a wider forum and greater flexibility. We encourage their use.

Copyright 2010 David Spragg