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Finding out how many are or were minted is a tough thing. Speaking just on the $10 strikes here. The older strikes had a deal with the mint. There was not a charge if the minimum order was 1,750 pieces. But sometimes a casino would only want say 100 or 300 so they paid the die costs. I know not of the other denominations from $7 $20, and $40 strikes. There are records of most of the 1 lb $200 strikes and the now 6 ounce $300 strike.

All of that being said some casinos kept just re ordering the same designs on strikes so no new dies had to be made and again no one know how many were ordered except the mint and casino and neither share that info with the public.

And with you in the silver game you understand that even knowing how many were made today does not mean a lot because of the last couple big rises in silver and big melt downs. So if 1750 strikes were made in 2007 for a casino, how many got melted down because the silver was worth more than the face value.

This is a promo 1/4 pound token. From a tournament. No face value but collectable.

Here is a denominational silver token. Again collectable.

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