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Re: Dennis No Show
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Dennis the Menace ....

Hope you had a fun time on vacation with your bride.
You probably had a better fun time where you went
than you would have had at the tournament.

Red & Blue caps were elusive, the new $40 strike was
very hard and expensive to get for many. The weather
was nasty hot outside, 0ver 100 most days ... It was
114 at the airport when I arrived on the 20th. Stayed
until Thursday the 28th.

So I guess you are giving out rain checks on the beers.
There wass a few people looking for you (for the free drink)
Having a 30 pack up in the room sounds good. Will you
be offering snacks with the beer?

Talk to again my friend - have a great 4th of July
Al Varelas / USMC

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