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Mr. Al , and when did I say
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I would for sure make it to the 4 Queens ? I do know I did say something along the lines of if I were there I would buy a round. But since the 20th of June is my brides and my anniversary we always go camping. Alone and away time. We were at Camp Wishon having a splendid time. Sadly though for me I accidentally dropped my computer the last day and have and still am without a computer. I just yesterday got a new one but still need to get it totally up and on line.

Trust that when I know for sure when I will be in Las Vegas I will post a note of when and where and as I said, I then will buy a round. But then a may bring a 30 pack and meet anyone in my room that wants a free one. Love to chat strikes especially the old days when there was not the internet and lots of trades were made, yup, over a phone call. Could take a number of phone calls to make a deal.

Best to you and sorry that you misunderstood me,

Oh by the way, I had to set up my phone to check the board. No computer as of now

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