The Strike Point
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I have a very modest $10 strike collection for sale ..

83 total strikes, with some duplicates. While most are common and a couple have seen better days, there are several nicer strikes available. I am providing 8 links here to the 4 pages of scans (each page has an "a" and "b" side).

I am interested in selling as a complete group and request any offers to be via email only. I will ship at my expense, but your offer should be mindful of the fact that I will be calculating that into my decission process. Again, please make your offer for the entire group of 83.

In the absence of vialble offers, I will consider "cherry picking" offers, however, such offers are to be via email and I will give a suitable amount of time to allow for viable offers for the entire group before seriously considering individual strike offers.

Please feel free to ask questions, here or via email. If a more detailed scan is required, just ask.

Payment options are: PayPal (and I will be mindfull of the fee and will NOT accept "gift" payment), check, cash or MO. (Credit card payment can be discussed.)

Here then are the links:

Thanks for looking!


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