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Say Goodbye To Ebay

If your selling on Ebay - Check out Mercari's new selling policy: ** NO SELLERS FEE **
I just received this from Mercari ....
To our Mercari community,

We wanted to let you know that we’ve updated our Terms of Service. Effective immediately,
we’re removing selling fees for new listings at Mercari. ZERO selling fees! Mercari is the only
major US resale marketplace to do this.

Here’s what you need to know, effective March 27, 2024
0% Selling Fees: The selling fee for new listings will be 0%. That’s right – what used to be a
10% selling fee is now 0% – zero selling fees!

Listings created before 8:30 AM ET March 27, 2024 will be subject to a selling fee of 10% of
the item price when a sale is completed, unless the listing has been updated on or after
March 27, 2024.

Buy with Confidence: Buyers will now be able to return items for any reason.
Service Fee: When you make a purchase, a service fee will be charged. The amount of the fee
will be displayed as part of the final price of your item(s) on the checkout page.

Payment Processing and Withdrawal Fee:
For listings created after 8:30 AM ET on March 27, 2024, Mercari will charge buyers a payment
processing fee at the time of purchase. That includes a payment processing fee of $.50, plus 2.9%
of the transaction price, includes item price, shipping, service fee, and sales tax.

For listings created before March 27, 2024, a payment processing fee of 2.9% plus $.50 per sale
is charged to the seller based on the completed sale, plus shipping price of the item – unless the
listing is updated after March 27, 2024.

Zero payment processing fees for buyers when using your balance.
Direct Deposit: As always, you can request to cash out your balance to your checking account
with direct deposit. Starting on this date, there is a $2 flat fee per cash-out.

Al Varelas / USMC

Copyright 2022 David Spragg