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Big Score At The 4 Queens

Still here in Las Vegas until February 8th. Made a big score today at the 4 Queens cage.
While I was in line to add to my casino account, the man behind me had a tote bag full of
strikes to turn in. I looked in and thought they were $300. boxes, but upon further looking,
I saw there was 4 of the $200. strikes, and 3 of the $300. strikes, all of them 4 Queens.

He said he knew he was going to get face at the cage ($1700.), so I offered him $200. over
face and he said he'd accept it. He said he was not a collector, that he had recently taken
them all in trade for doing some carpentry work for someone.

Included in The 7 Strikes Was:
$200. - 2003 / Joker
$200. - 2003 / Roulette Woman
$200. - 2007 / Queens Jester
$200. - 2007 / 777's
$300. - 2012 / Headless Horseman
$300. - 2016 / Martini 50th Anniversary
$300. - 2017 / Marilyn Monroe

Just at the right place at the right time ....
Al Varelas / USMC

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Big Score At The 4 Queens
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