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Caesars Palace - The Roman Coliseum - No Date

Caesars Palace - "The Roman Coliseum - No Date" / Las Vegas

Following info provided by Dave Spragg / Owner - Marlow Casino Chips / UK
who has owned a couple of these along with the companion piece (only 5 pieces)
"Chariot - No Date" / SSC#: CPlvnv-001

All the examples of this strike, like this one, should be in perfect condition, as they
were never supplied to the casino because Caesar’s cancelled the order.

The only 5 of each that were made were then forwarded back to the mint that took
over the order and that’s how he came by a few for his collection.

The on-line catalog states a mintage of 9+ for both this piece and the Chariot design
counterpart. The original data from the mint showed only 10 total were made, 5 of each
design (5 Chariot & 5 Coliseum) not 10 pieces each.

Heritage auctions sold a pair for $3000.00 + $2500.00 plus the premium, that being the
Chariot and the Coliseum. Dave also sold the pair privately at similar prices.

Howard W. Herz, owner of Howdy's Strike Guide placed the value of this at $3200. and the
companion piece, "Chariot - No Date" at $3200.

William Cohenour's 2021 Strike Guide place the value of this at $2000.+ and the companion
piece, "Chariot - No Date" at $2000.+

SSC#: CPlvnv-002
Casino: Caesar's Palace
City: Las Vegas, NV
Denomination: $10
Design side: The Roman Coliseum - No Date
Logo side: Caesars Logo
Edge: Smooth
Series: Limited Edition Ten Dollar Gaming Token
.999: Logo rim, .999 Fine Silver
Mint Mark: GDC
Mint: Green Duck Corporation
Mintage: 5
Issued: 1995

$1600. or B/O - Please Contact Me
Interested in selling or trade for $200 & $300 pieces

Thanks for looking:
Al Varelas / USMC

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