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Contest Time: 4 Tournamet Players

Contest Time:
- Game rules. Easy. After the 3 rounds of tournament play the player here that has the highest score for the tournament wins this red cap. Example: Your total score places you 8th in the tournament and no one in this contest places higher than you, you win.
- Beginning today 5-13-23 and will end once we have 15 players.
- This is just for those who have entered in the tournament that’s coming up in a month at the 4 Queens Casino.
- The winner will receive the red cap pictured.
- Cost will be an entry fee of $2.00 per person. Max of 15 people can enter. If we do not get 15 to enter I will send back you entry fee. To be extra fair I am not entering.
- No refunds if you decide to no longer play along.
- You are allowed only one position.
- I will be keeping track of who enters along the way.
- This is posted here on the Strikepoint only.
- If you are feeling lucky post here or PM me or email me that you would like to play. Make sure I reply to you so we both know you are in. I will get you my paypal information or another way to pay for your spot.
- This is my contest so I have the final say. No one is forcing you or anyone else to play and this is not sanctioned by our Club or the 4 Queens. It’s all about yes, me, trying to have a little pre game (tournament) fun. We can meet up after Shaun finishes handing out the tournament tokens so I can give you your new red cap.

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Contest Time: 4 Tournamet Players
Re: Contest Time: 4 Tournament Players
ok forget it, no contest .......
No contest?

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