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Modern Blues and Reds are still struck.

Years ago they were all struck I KNOW THAT.
Maybe this shows how new I am to the Silver Strikers club but I had no idea that the modern blues and reds are actually struck.
The Strike im showing you had the image peel off. No big deal. But what it revealed was a beautifully struck medallion.
The image provided is a gorgeous silver strike. The image that was painted over it was terrible.
Did you know that under all the paint is a piece of metal art?
If the Queens is paying to strike an image on a coin why are we colorizing them?
It peels, it distorts, looks like crap.

I’d love to see the Four Queens ditch the painting for a Slot tournament. Bring back the good old days.

I was going to paint this beauty but I really like it as is.

Nice design, well struck

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Modern Blues and Reds are still struck.
Re: Modern Blues and Reds are still struck.
I agree with you Dean!

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