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Come on now folks, this is actually
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fun to pick the design you would like to see on the next Club token. It's a limited run production also and great to add to your ever building collections. I know everyone who submitted a drawing and especially the six finalist want the best design to be chosen by you, the membership. So please do as Jo asked and go vote for the design you feel is the best.

Yes one of the drawings happens to be done by little ol me. I would be saying all of this either way if one was mine or not. I have done so in the past. And will do so in the future. And also when it's time order a couple. They can make great traders for winning designs of years in the past. I do have a few extra's from years gone by and if my design is the winner I will be happy to trade my older extra's for more of this years. rofl vbg rofl

All kidding aside. Please do go and vote. Get that ballot box full so it takes a long while for the votes to be counted.

Ok, off my silver strike soap box.


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Club Coin Voting
Come on now folks, this is actually

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