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Now is your opportunity to design a silver strike.

Contest begins October 1, 2022 and closes December 20, 2022. Rules for the contest are posted on the Club Website ( Please read the rules before entering. If you don’t have internet access, please contact Jo or Jeff and a copy will be mailed to you. We are celebrating our 24th Anniversary and the design is open and should reflect that theme. You do not need to be an artist to enter just a good idea.

To enter, send your design to Jeff Bitzer either by email or US Postal Service, information at bottom of article. Should you have the desire to have your design computer enhanced, send them to Jo Riefer either by email or by US Postal Service (information at bottom of article).
Jo will return the design to you. You may then decide if you want to submit your original or use the enhanced version. Jo does not submit any drawing. This must be done by the artist. Submit your approved drawing to Jeff Bitzer

The judging of the drawings for the six finalists will be held at the Four Queens during the January Tournament. Voting will start the next day for those in attendance. The ballots to vote on the finalist will be included in the Newsletter and on the Club website as soon as possible.
Last year’s drawings may be modified to reflect this year’s anniversary. Good luck to all.

Jeff Bitzer Jo Riefer
1585 Freeman Rd. 7530 Jonquil Ct.
Hoffman Estates, IL. 60192 Reno, NV. 89506


For this year’s contest there will be money prizes plus more.

1th Place Plaque, Club Coin, Tee Shirt and $100.00 Certificate
2nd Place Club Coin, Tee Shirt and $75.00 Certificate
3rd Place Club Coin, Tee Shirt and $50.00 Certificate
4th Place Club Coin, Tee Shirt and $25.00 Certificate
5th Place Club Coin, Tee Shirt and $15.00 Certificate
6th Place Club Coin, Tee Shirt and $10.00 Certificate

Remember, deadline December 20th 2022.

Copyright 2022 David Spragg