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Re: $1.00 Star Notes
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Hi Dean,
To clarify my first comment, the price of $15 - $20 each is for a single note that falls under
the serial numbers of duplicate notes that has no mate with it. I have around 250 star notes,
but have no sets.

I noticed the bills are in some sort of plastic holders. Are they or have they been graded and
slabbed? Can you post a picture of the reverse side of both bills ....

My extent of being a numismatist is collecting colonial paper money, the star notes and silver

Coins include colonial coins, foreign & US gold coins and US Morgan silver dollars including
most all the Carson City (CC) silver dollars. All my coin collection is PCGS or NGC graded &

I am in the process selling off alot of my US gold coins and British gold Sovereigns from the
late 1800's / early 1900's ....

I am interested in the star notes, send me what you looking to get, and I can make an offer
from there, either in cash or trade for gold or silver coins.

Al Varelas / USMC

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