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and a fun story on this
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strike machine. My son and I were in line, yes there were lines back then as well to play on strike machines. We pooled out money not knowing at the time there was to be only one per fill. We were #3 and 4 I think in line to play. We had something like $800 between us the empty the first machine load since the yellow was already gone. Lucky for us there were something like 5 left in the machine before a refill could happen. We won those and after the fill we got lucky and it was the 7th strike to come out that was the yellow cap. We were in for something like $150 to get ours. Only needed one at the time as I was the collector, my son just loved to play.

Second great thing, I met a guy "John Lauderdale" in that line. And we are best friends to this day. We chat strikes all the time especially of these good old days.


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O'Shea's 2001 Election Set of $10.00 strikes.
Warren, you are so correct
and a fun story on this
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