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January Silver Strike Tournament

Silver Strikers ......
I will be at the January Tournament, arriving on January 24th and
departing February 5th - staying the whole time at the Four Queens.
Since I am coming from Massachusetts, it is hard to bring goodies to
the trade session.

Check out my Ebay store, and If you see anything thay you may like,
DO NOT BUY ON EBAY. Send me an e-mail for price, because I can save
you some $$ if I do not have to pay the stupid Ebay fees, and I can bring
the item(s) to the tournament ....

Al Varelas / USMC
Vietnam Veteran
Member: Silver Strike Collectors Club SS-1654
Chairman SOTY (Strike Of The Year) & HOF (Hall Of Fame) Committee

Almost 850 Silver Strikes / Casino Chips
And Casino Memorabilia Posted


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