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Morgan Silver Dollars & Gold Coins

In a month or 2, I will be breaking up my extensive collection of gold & silver coins from Great Britain
& the USA. First postings will be British Gold Sovereigns (pre-1900), along with an extensive collection
of US Morgan silver dollars including most all the Carson City Morgans
MORGANS INCLUDE MOST ALL YEARS & MINTS (P - O & S) ....... 1878 - 1922

NOTE: ALL COINS (gold & silver) ARE PCGS or NGC graded & slabbed (MS62 - MS66)
Many are also "CAC" & "W" stickered (no raw coins in the collection)

Offered also will be a collection of 12 RCM (Royal Canadian Mint .999) 100 oz. silver bars

Al Varelas / USMC
Disabled Vietnam Veteran
Member: Silver Strike Collectors Club SS-1654
Chairman SOTY (Strike Of The Year) & HOF (Hall Of Fame) Committee

Almost 900 Silver Strikes / Casino Chips & Casino Memorabilia Posted

If you see anything in my Ebay store you may like, DO NOT BUY ON EBAY.
Send me an e-mail, because I can save you some $$ if I do not have to pay
the Ebay fees ....


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