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Selling On Ebay

I will have to defend selling on Ebay, depending on what you are selling, and the buyers you are
trying to reach. I have been selling Silver Strikes & Casino Chips on Ebay for years, my most recent
Ebay store account dedicated to Silver Strikes from around the USA, Casino Memorabilia and Casino
Chips from around the world that include hard to find Casino Jetons and Casino Plaques.

I have alot of rare and hard to find strikes and chips from $5.00 to $5,000.00+ and Ebay is the best
way to reach collectors from around the world. In late December, I just went over 1,700 strikes &
chips sold. I buy, sell and trade with collectors also from around the world I have met thru Ebay.

I currently offer almost 900 casino goodies (Silver Strikes & Chips) to collectors from around the
world who I deal with both on and off Ebay.

Because of an extensive inventory of chips and strikes, over $100,000.00 worth, I find Ebay does
very well for me. So I would say if you have quality strikes and chips - Ebay is the route to go to
get you top dollar for your collection or part there of ......

In a month or 2, I will be breaking up a large collection of gold & silver coins from Great Britain
and the USA. First postings will be British Gold Sovereigns (pre-1900), along with an extensive
collection of US Morgan silver dollars including many Carson City Morgans ......
NOTE: ALL COINS ARE PCGS & NGC Slabbed - Many Are Also "CAC" & "W" Stickered
Offered also will be a collection of 12 RCM (Royal Canadian Mint .999) 100 oz. silver bars

Al Varelas / USMC
Disabled Vietnam Veteran
Member: Silver Strike Collectors Club SS-1654
Chairman SOTY (Strike Of The Year) & HOF (Hall Of Fame) Committee

Almost 900 Silver Strikes / Casino Chips & Casino Memorabilia Posted

If you see anything in my Ebay store you may like, DO NOT BUY ON EBAY.
Send me an e-mail, because I can save you some $$ if I do not have to pay
the Ebay fees ....� �


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