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We lost another silver striker

A very long time friend of over 50 years passed away recently.

His name is Steve Albanese and he was a member of our club. I don't know if his dues were up to date or not.

I met Steve way back in 1968 when I joined our local coin club. I am member #163 and he was member #33. He was a few years older than me. As friends do we may not see each other for a couple years then re connect. He was big into coin collecting of which he sold me some coins from time to time before we both got hit hard with the silver strike bug. Steve loved finding the varieties especially on the $7.00 strikes. Different weights and die varieties. The last few years he struggled with a number of health issues. I am happy he is at peace finally, though I will sure miss our phone conversations.

I found out this news yesterday, and I already miss my friend.


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