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Re: Monte Carlo Beer
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Tom Hanson:
If your looking for the Monte Carlo Brewery Beer Strikes, I think that I have a
full set - I have to check around to see where I put them ....

I also have a complete set (9) of Monte Carlo chips that include all 3 of the
variations .....

Monte Carlo "Complete Beer Series" / 9 Pc. Set / Las Vegas
Hard To Find / This was a limited edition series of only 1200 pieces per style
that was issued in 1998 by the Monte Carlo Casino / All have a common back

Complete sets of this beer series is getting hard to come by, especially in new
condition on all 6 chips ....

This complete set of the 6 beer chips also includes the 3 variations that are hard
to come by, making the set complete with variations, a bonus for the collectors

The 9 Chips Will Include The Following Beers:
#1 - Brewmaster Special
#2 - High Roller Red
#3 - Jackpot Pale Blue Logo
#4 - Jackpot Pale - Purple Logo (Variation)
#5 - Jackpot Pale - Dark Purple Logo (Variation)
#6 - Las Vegas Lites - Blue Logo
#7 - Las Vegas Lites - Purple Logo (Variation)
#8 - Silver State Stout
#9 - Winner's Wheat

The Monte Carlo Hotel / Casino Opened It's Door On June, 21, 1996 And Closed
Them On April, 30, 2018

Al Varelas / USMC

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