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Re: Ahhh, come on Sarge, break out

Morning Sarge, guess I could also use the same title. As back when I was a E-5 Sargent in the Marine Corps. vbg vbg vbg

Anyhow, yes I to quit chasing silver strikes when the clad scrap metal came out. Now I just go after those older strikes made of .999 silver. From anywhere that fits my fancy. Not serious any longer. The only new issues I do chase after is the $ Queens $40.00 strikes. I like to keep that part of my collection up to date.

It's only $10 bucks to belong to our Club. To each their own. I find it a good investment and enjoy the members, well non member as well. Sharing stories and information is fun for me. I do miss the great old days of working a number of trades at the same time.

Myself and a few others have moved a bit away from silver strikes and now chase the old misc. or related silver tokens and bars. Now this area can be so much fun when one comes along.

The New Jersey Caesars yes is a nice token. I got mine off ebay a few years ago. I was bouncing around and noticed it on a already ended auction. It was listed off in no where land and just listed as a token. The asking price was $50.00. I contacted the seller and said I had not seen it and would like to buy it if he still wanted to sell it. I good deal for seller and buyer. I also have the 2 different 6.6 ounce rounds from Caesars Palace LV. Got the silver version cheap but paid up for the gold plated version. Wish I had more concrete information on that pair or set.

There just is very little information available on the related tokens which does make them fun to chase after.

If you still have any of the related silver I would love to see what you have and of course if for sale.

You or anyone are more than welcome to email me if you have something for sale or trade. I have a boat load of silver strikes all for trade or sale if need be.

Keep on keeping on and be safe,

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anyone got anything new lately, share please
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Ahhh, come on Sarge, break out
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