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Re: Silver Strike Capsules
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If you remember right, one of the last Tournaments, some
strikes that were red and blue, used on one side a clear cap,
and the other side the color cap that goes with that strike came
out of the machines .....

I have one collector that does that to all his color cap strikes so
you can see the front side clearly by put a clear top, and a red or
blue bottom cap on the back side .....

I have all new caps like the ones that come out of the machines
that I will be posting soon. I made a deal with the supplier to buy
them in bulk.

Like in the past, I will have red, blue, yellow and clear caps, along
with $200 and $300 clear caps. I also will have more (new) blue
presentation boxes for the $200 & $300 strikes.

Al Varelas / USMC
Vietnam Veteran
Member: Silver Strike Collectors Club SS-1654
Chairman SOTY (Strike Of The Year) & HOF (Hall Of Fame) Committee

Almost 1,000 Silver Strikes / Casino Chips
And Casino Memorabilia Posted

If you see anything in my Ebay store you may like, DO NOT BUY ON EBAY.
Send me an e-mail, because I can save you some $$ if I do not have to pay
the stupid Ebay fees ....

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