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Copper Rim Trades Wanted

WANTED: Trades: I have the list below of copper rim silver strikes. There are quite a few I can use for my collection. I can trade any below or any regular silver strikes I have for any copper rims you have I need. Please shoot me a PM or email of what you have. Maybe we can work out a deal to help us both.

Caesars Palace – Trumpeter
Luxor – King Rameses
McCarran – Las Vegas 1959
Monte Carlo – Brewmaster Special – LV Lights
NY NY – Babe Ruth Running with Bat – Babe Ruth Waving Hat
Plaza – 2 of 3
Reno Hilton – 7, 8, and 9 of 12
Riverside – 1999/2000
Sundowner – Hunter Shooting the Bear
Aruba – Royal Cabana Casino

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