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2020 SOTY & HOF Strikes

With everything that has been going on, and staying at home alot, I seem to be
forgetting things. I forgot about the Plaza strikes in January, and I went down
there to get some.

We do have enough new strikes for 2020 "Strike Of The Year" voting between
the Plaza & 4 Queens in Las Vegas and the Coushatta Casino strikes.

I will post the strikes that will be eligible to nominated both here on Strike Point
& have them posted in the "Current News" Section, of the Silver Strikers Website
in mid to late December. If there is no January Tournament at the 4 Queens, you
can send nominations to me on-line. In mid January, the final four strikes will have
been decided for the "2020 Strike Of The Year" and on-line voting will be available
from mid January thru mid March.

The 2020 HOF (Hall Of Fame) strike nominations will also be accepted starting mid
to late December. As above, the final 4 strikes for 2020 HOF Strike will have been
decided by mid Jan., at which time on-line voting for 2020 HOF Strike Of The Year"
will be available mid January thru mid March.

Any Questions - please contact me at:

Al Varelas / USMC
Chairman: SOTY & HOF Strikes
(Strike Of The Year & Hall Of Fame)

Copyright 2017 David Spragg