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COVID-19 "Military & Civilian"

Having served in The U.S. Marine Corps / Vietnam in the 60's, I have come to
the following conclusion as I am sure those who served can agree with me:

In light of all the current events surrounding "COVID-19", I think civilians now
have an idea what it's really like to be in the military .....

#1 - The toilet paper is out most of the time
#2 - Being told how to do the simplest things over & over
#3 - Ordered around by numbers and size of groups
#4 - Watching others in panic
#5 - Getting constant orders from up the chain that are always changing
#6 - Always being shown maps that mean nothing
#7 - Getting information that is always an operational period too old
#8 - Even the leadership does not know what they are doing
#9 - Being told what to do on your free time
#10 - Standing in lines all the time
#11 - Carrying a mask around all the time
#12 - Your weekend plans are revoked
#13 - Your favorite bars are off limits
#14 - Being confined to your quarters
#15 - Being under a curfew
#16 - Having travel restrictions

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COVID-19 "Military & Civilian"
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