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El Cortez Blue Caps

As of today - December 10th ....
If you are in, or will be here in Las Vegas in the near future,
El Cortez loaded their strike machines with mostly all blue
caps. I noticed that 5 of the 6 tubes are all blue caps. Got
all 9 of the below pictured strikes for $30 into the machine.
The machine is paying off great on "Silver Strikes"

Four Queens $40 machine has been down, some of the older
blue caps still in the other machines, especially the 6 bank.

Been here in Vegas since November 20th, going home on the
14th, then back for the Tournament the end of January.

Talked to Todd, still spots available for the Tournament, so if
you plan on going, get your reservation in .....

Al Varelas / USMC

Copyright 2017 David Spragg