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Help-Plaza $200 Silver Water Fall and Twin Towers

Back in the day, $200 strikes were typically numbered sequentially as they were minted. I am trying to get a handle on the numbers minted for these strikes from the Plaza. The Plaza had an ownership change when the $200 Silver Waterfall and the $200 Twin Towers strikes series were being produced. I believe this ownership change contributed to the lack of documentation for the number minted. The TT strikes have notation that 500 were issued - I think the only difference was the other side of the strike (Union Plaza or Barrick logo side) and the side with the 500 notation was the same for all T/T strikes issued (I believe that only a total of 350 numbered TT strikes were actually minted/issued). There were no-number strikes minted but I don't really want to address that at this time.

Would like to put some clarity on the numbers minted and asking for assistance from holders of (1) Union Plaza Silver Water Fall; (2) Plaza Barrick Water Fall; (3) Union Plaza Twin Towers; and (4) Plaza Barrick Twin Towers $200 Strikes. I think that the number minted per the Silver Strikes Catalog can be better quantified. My thoughts and observations are that:
The Union Plaza W/F (1) were minted to 130; the Plaza Barrick W/F (2) were minted with number from 112 to 210; the Union Plaza T/T (3) was minted to 250; and the Plaza Barrick T/T (4) was minted from 251 to 350.

Asking info from owners with strikes outside the range listed for each of these strikes. That would be (1) Union Plaza S/W strikes numbered above 130; (2) Plaza Barrick W/F strikes numbered above 100; (3) Union Plaza T/T strikes numbered above 250; (4) Plaza Barrick T/T strikes numbered below 250 or above 350.

If you have such please either post on this thread or email me at glangley100@sbcglobal(dot)net. Thanks in advance

George Langley SS# 648

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