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The Grand Casino - Lucy the Elephant

Have a question about this strike. I see in the catalog that this is a prototype strike with a supposed mintage of 1. I've also seen it listed on eBay in the past, and while it's no longer available, the seller did mention that it was a unique 1 of 1 strike. Here's the eBay auction listing:

Anyhow, I'm wondering if it's possible that more than 1 was minted. I ask, because I purchased a mixed lot on eBay and this was included:

I don't think it's the same as the one photographed in the catalog, as that one has a scratch to the right of the elephant. Mine has a similar scratch, but it's noticeably different.

I'm thrilled to have gotten this strike! Saw it a few months ago while I was browsing the catalog and I lamented the fact that it was a prototype. So glad to have one now...just curious as to the story behind it. Thanks for any input!

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