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Re: ??? On the Foxwood $20 sized strikes


As far as I know, the Hollywood Classic series, 8 pieces,
were silver plated. They were put out by Letcher Mint that
was aquired by Global Minting which closed and is now
owned by Sunshine Mint.

I have some of the $10 and $40 strikes and used to have
one of their Walking Liberty $200 pieces.
They did 2 of the $200 Walking Liberty Stikes, both had
gold plating on them:
1994 / Continental Coin Corporation (CCC)
1995 / Green Duck Corporation (GDC)

Al Varelas / USMC

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??? On the Foxwood $20 sized strikes
Re: ??? On the Foxwood $20 sized strikes
Yes Al, I know about the silver

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