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Hi Everybody,

The new ONE OUNCE .999 SILVER COIN contest starts today until Dec. 15.

Club Contest Rules

September 30,2018

1. The Secretary of the Board will be the chairperson for this committee.
The Secretary will not be a voting member but will be the deciding vote if there is a tie.
If the Secretary or their spouse/significant other enter a design for the club coin, another Board
member will be designated as Chairperson for that year.
2. The 1st place contest winner will not be eligible to submit a drawing for one year after winning.
The winner of the previous year‘s contest is eligible to serve as a judge if they elect to do so.
A committee of seven (7) judges will be selected by the Committee Chairperson/Secretary.
Judges must be a club member in good standing. None of the Committee Members or their
spouses/significant other that have a drawing submitted is allowed to participant as a judge. If
any member or their spouse/significant other is found to have a drawing submitted the drawing
will be disqualified.
3. The design Contest will begin on October 1st and the deadline for entries will be December 15th.
Entries will be submitted to the Chairperson/Secretary of the Board by Postal Mail or by Email.
4. The drawings will be submitted by the artist either computer enhanced or hand drawn.
5. By January 31st, the chairperson will meet with the 7 committee members to review the
drawings and select six finalists.The next day after the finalist is selected the voting will open.
6. No member may have more than one drawing in the finals. In
the event that a member has more than one in the finals with the same number of votes, that
member will be able to select which drawing is eliminated.
7. Images of the six finalist and a ballot will be sent to all members by email or the February
newsletter. The deadline for voting is March 10th.
8. The chairperson will tally results at close of contest and submit results and all documentation
to the Board on or before March 15th.
9. Chairperson prepares coins for presentation to the six finalist artists and a plaque for the winner.
10. The winner’s initials will be on the coin. At the June Club Event a plaque with a strike will be
awarded to the winner and the five other finalists will receive a new club strike.
The design needs to include/reflect in some way the current 20th anniversary.
11. The strike will be minted and ready for sale by the June club events.
12. The strike will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
There will be no Maximum restrictions on the number of coins purchased.
13.No trademark infringements are allowed.
14.All drawings will become the property of the club and the club will be held harmless for omissions and errors.
15.It is very important to note that we cannot use casino logos or names in the design. This is a
trademark infringement and we could be sued. Submission will be rejected.

Send your drawings to be computer enhanced to Jo Riefer then onto Al Lukacs. YOU need to do the sending !

Al Lukacs Jo Riefer
5507 4th Avenue NW 2283 Panoramic Dr.
Bradenton, FL 34209-1801 Concord, CA 94520

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