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2017 CCA SSOTY Awards Contest Re-Opens...

Greetings to all Silver Strike collectors.

While this announcement pertains to ccgtcc / ccgtcc Members, I am posting here to also advise the collecting community of a change in the 2017 Silver Strike of the Year Contest. We have learned that the Silver Strikes program will likely be spreading to additional casinos in the near future and we welcome any future additions. While noted below, we again thank Jeff Biter for his assistance in re-visiting the 2017 SSOTY Awards and respectfully request non- ccgtcc members to consider membership in the ccgtcc as we represent all casino collectibles and memorabilia collectors, and moreover, request news, information and articles pertaining to Silver Strikes for publication in the Casino Collectibles News.

So, without further ado....

As announced in the most current edition of the Casino Collectibles News (which is just hitting mailboxes of ccgtcc members as we speak) the 2017 OTY Awards for Silver Strikes has been re-opened and voting is now open! Please read this Part II segment from the magazine article for details and get your votes submitted.

2017 OTY Awards – Part II

As noted in Part I, it has been decided that the previously “put on hiatus” Silver Strike of the Year (SSOTY) award for 2017, is now re-opened, as follows:

1. All 2017 issued Silver Strikes are hereby Nominated for SSOTY consideration and are imaged in this announcement.

2. Voting is now open for any and all CCA Club members, by submitting your selections via snail mail to Casey Focazio-Follis, Assistant OTY Awards Chairman, 5466 Jacobs Field St., Las Vegas, NV 89148. Please show your 3 (or fewer) preferred candidates, in rank order (1st, 2nd and 3rd) on a blank sheet of paper, using the alphabetical reference for each candidate, noted on the images.

3. Votes are to be sent and received before October 31st, 2018. This should give everyone ample opportunity to submit their votes.

4. Alternatively, ballots may also be cast via the Internet by emailing your selections to You may also FAX your selections to 702.998.8635, or lastly, text your selections to 520.971.7909.

In the past, I was provided images of all, then, current year Silver Strikes by William Cohenaur. I used those images to present them for Nomination consideration, however, as Bill passed before he could send me the 2017 candidates, there was not much to see and therefore, very few Nominations were made. However, as I now have the images (courtesy of the Online Catalog) there is good cause to re-open the SSOTY portion of the 2017 OTY Awards. We thank Jeff Biter, President of the Silver Strikers Club for giving permission to use these images. We also offer our condolences to the friends and family of William Cohenaur. May he Rest in Peace.

As announced in the last issue of this great magazine (and in this issue) I am passing the baton of OTY Awards Chairman to Trey Warren for the 2018 OTY Awards, and this, the re-opening of the 2017 SSOTY Awards, will be the last OTY responsibilities for Casey and me.

Trey becomes the 3rd OTY Chairman and Casey and I wish him the best!

Here then, are all of the 2017 Silver Strike of the Year Nominees...

Copyright 2017 David Spragg