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wanted 4 Volunteers Needed

wanted 4 Volunteers Needed For Club Business
Hall of Fame (HOF) and the Strike Of The Year (SSOTY)

Each year, 4 different people are selected to decide which of
the 2 silver strikes while be put into nomination for each of
2 categories.

Awhile back, Jeff reached out for help to fill gaps in the clubs
line up of officers and other assorted positions.

With the passing of William Cohenour, there was an important
position that needed to be filled: Committee Chairman of the
Hall of Fame (HOF) and the Strike Of The Year (SSOTY).
Big shoes to fill, but I spoke to Jeff and told him I will take it
over and do my best to help out.

This committee consists of a Chairman and 4 members that
are in good standing to help out to nominate. Each committee
member makes 2 choices for each category. All the choices are
then narrowed down to 4 choices each category.

Strikes selected can be selected from any casino who released
strike from December 2017 thru November 2018.
Basically from the Venetian - Four Queens or El Cortez that had
strikes out during that time period

At the January Tournament, members will get to vote for the
strikes they like, and there will be a ballot posted in the Clubs

The two winning silver strikes will be announced at the June

Go to Silver Strike Club Page, on the right click on "Club Bylaws"
Scroll Down To:
C. Hall of Fame (HOF) & Strike of the Year (SSOTY) Committee

If you are willing to help out - please send me an e-mail:

Al Varelas / USMC

Copyright 2017 David Spragg