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Lot of Las Vegas Strikes for Sale

A bunch of $10 strikes for sale as a lot. Clads are noted.

Red Cap - a-list Planet Hollywood
Palms 1966 Mustang
Stardust - Showgirl
Stardust - Hot Stardust strikes (2)
Aladdin - Magic Carpet
Aladdin - Sinbad the Sailor
Mirage - Volcano and Waterfalls
Mirage - Julius / Terry Fator at the Mirage - clad
Mirage - Kani Kapila / Terry Fator (2) - clad
Planet Hollywood - ph logo (3)
Four Queens - Daphne Queen of Water - (2) - clad
Four Queens - Mans Four Vices - Cards - clad
Four Queens - Andrea Queen of Fire - clad

19 total $10 strikes - all nice and shiny inside obnoxiously scratched up capsules. Trying to sell as a lot including shipping.
Asking $260.00 shipped, buy them and you are not satisfied, ship them back and I will refund your purchase price and shipping. If I can't sell as a lot will offer as multiple lots and/or individually.

Thanks George SS# 648

glangley100@sbcglobal dot net

Copyright 2017 David Spragg