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Gene, well first off I have to
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admit I am a bit weird with what I like. The reverse of most who want perfect. This token to me tells a story. Like, was it the last one made before the die broke apart. Or like you mentioned the series of M. Monroe die cracks. On mine are there others, yes I would think with one die crack and no die cracks. For me the same goes for rotated casino tokens. They are made either coin aligned or medal aligned. But once in a while a die will slip in the collar of the press and you end up with a rotated striking. There are quite a few silver strikes with rotated die strikings. Bill C. had a separate set of pages for rotated strikes he knew about.

Its a fun hobby we are in and always something new to find and learn about.

Thanks for the input.


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I love finding these types of errors or
Re: Die Cracks
Gene, well first off I have to

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