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Greg Susong Award - Please vote!

Greg Susong Award - Please Vote!

***You have one week left to get your vote in ***

The official ballot is available on the club's website:

Please note - you must be a club member to submit a vote.

Ballots can be submitted via email ( or sent via snail-mail.

Deadline is May 15th.

Please do not submit your votes on this forum. In order to be counted, you must send use the email address or mail it in.

Let's continue to honor Greg's legacy and vote for the person who've you think contributed the most to our great hobby during 2017.

William Cohenour: He has spent the last 15 plus years providing a book on all silver strikes this whole
time. If you lived local to Bill, you could always call and stop by his home just to talk and share strikes.
If you emailed Bill, he would always gladly answer any questions you may have. So very dedicated to
our club and did anything to promote the collecting hobby. Bill sadly passed away on February 21,

Jim Follis: Jim is the most dedicated individual to the hobby and club and MOGH that I know! Honest,
forth right and committed! I can’t think of a better candidate! A tireless volunteer for the MOGH and

Jamison “Jay” Pike: Jay has shared with many club members via “The Chipboard” his discoveries as
well as researching California chips to confirm where they have come from. He has dedicated a lot of
time and energy to this cause.

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