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Re: Price List needed for my father

Hi Doug,

Sad to say, the club member (Bill Cohenour) who published a book
(price guide) on Silver Strikes (Nevada Catalog Reference Guide)
passed away very recently. You would have to find someone who
has an extra or has an older guide they would be willing to sell.

If you cannot get hold of a used guide, there is another option ...

There are some of us who have time, would be willing to help you
out with the average book prices. I am retired, and can help you
out with the "Guide Prices" (usually an average like $22 - $28 etc.)
If he has that many strikes, chances are there are probably many
hard to get strikes that can be worth over $100+ each.
If there are any YELLOW - PINK - RED or BLUE capsules, those
(if they are the right ones) can be worth from $25 to $200 plus

I will take the time to help you, but I will need you, or someone
that can help you to make list of strikes, by casino, on a program
like Excel. It would help to put a 3-5 word description, and most
important, the mint mark on the strike.

This would be a time consuming project, so it would take a little
while to complete. Being retired, I would more than happy to help
you out on this project.

I have both (fairly recent) Bill Cohenour's Reference Guides:
#1 - Nevada Silver Strike Reference Guide
#2 - Silver Strikes of North America - Non Nevada

If you have any questions, please contact me at:

Thank You .....

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