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for trade Harrah's 1999 1 Ounce for trade

I happen to have an extra of these "13th Annual" and am looking for a few others in the series from Harrah's. Would love to maybe do a trade straight up for any of the ones listed below that I can use.

9th Annual Executive Invitational
11th Annual " "
12th Annual " "

and I can also use the Once in a Blue Moon 2 Ounce token Gold Plated 6-6-1993 (copied from Bill's Guide) if you have this and not for sale or trade please show it off so we can all see what it even looks like, thanks

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for trade Harrah's 1999 1 Ounce for trade
Email sent
1 Traded and I have another for Trade vbg
ok, so everyone who collects these

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