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Stardust "Dusty Draw" Question

**** Information Needed ****
I know there are alot of the old timers in the group with
alot of knowledge about silver strikes ....
There seems to be some confusion about about one of
the Stardust minted silver strikes.

Stardust "Dusty Draw" - SSC#: SDvnv-015

The on-line catalog and Bill Cohenour's 2017 Nevada Strike
Guide show mintage at 300 ?? as a Short Run (SR)

I have 2 of these strikes, and on the front side by Dusty's
right foot it says: Limited 1,700
Even the one in the on-line catalog shows the Limited 1,700

(see picture below)

Information on this strike would be greatly appreciated as
I would not feel comfortable putting in my Ebay Strike Store
as an edition of 300. I am sure alot would ask what does the
"Limited 1700" mean?

Thank you for any information on this strike that will clarify
this confusion ....

Al Varelas / USMC

Copyright 2017 David Spragg