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Silver Strike Specials

** Save On Strikes **
Mary & I are thinning out our silver strike collection and are offering savings on
over 400 pieces in our Ebay store. Check out our partial inventory on-line. There
are many strikes of all kinds like $200 - $300 strikes / Rares / Hard to Finds
Holographic Strikes from around the country / Vegas casino related items and
much more. We have over 200 red and blue caps, some pink caps & yellow caps.
Not posted on line are many strikes, so if there is something your looking for,
contact me at my e-mail below. If there is something you are interested in our
store, DO NOT buy on-line, send email with info on the item, and we will send
you a price .... Thanks for looking

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Silver Strike Specials
You have some good stuff listed there

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