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Good question John,
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Naturally it is always better to post a scan. But in the strike world there are only a few thousand strikes (not like chips) from Nevada or other places. Most are very common and easily looked up in the guide book or on the on line strike pages of scans. As for condition it is pretty much assumed the condition is like new with maybe a tad bit of tarnish, but no scratches or dings. In dealings generally we all do ask each other to be sure the strike is in new condition, just to be sure. There is a lot of trust in the strike community like in the chip community when dealing with others you know. And the strike collecting group is not as large as the chip community.

Hope this helps a little. If you have any specific questions you can post them or email me and I will help as much as I can.


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Question for Strike Point...
Good question John,

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