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Silver Strike Storage

grin Inexpensive Silver Strike Storage grin

Earlier I had told of my quest to find an inexpensive
way to properly store my silver strikes .....

I had an idea, followed thru, and it works perfect and
can be made with a minimal cost.

I wait until Staples has a sale of the three drawer plastic
storage units (usually for around $10 - $12) I then go to
Lowe's and I do get some small pieces of wood and make
some divided inserts for the drawers. I found I can make
a 3 drawer unit for around $15, and each drawer can hold
125 strikes. I buy all new capsules for my strikes (43mm)
so they are all uniform in size. The divider on the far right
in each drawer, I made a little wider to hold $20 and $40
strikes in their capsules.

I currently have 11 drawers just about full. Also, I put the
strikes in alphabetical order in the drawers and use auto
pin striping around the rims to designate if they are red or
blue caps .....

Al Varelas / U.S. Marine Corps
Disabled Vietnam Veteran

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