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Home Made Strike Storage Box

I was trying to figure a way to properly store my strikes,
and have quick access to any I may want to see, so I made
storage for them for under $20.00. The way it was designed,
you can store 360 $10 strikes and 120 larger capsules with
foam rings in 3 drawers ....

Staples had 3 drawer "Bella" storage bins on sale for $9.95
so I got one .... 15"L 12"W 13"H
Next, I went to Lowe's and got $8.00 worth of wood. I then
measured the interior of the drawers, and found that by making
an insert sideways for each drawer it would be max usage of the
space, each drawer holding 120 $10 strikes, and 30 larger capsules.

To maximize the storage, I put the all my strikes in new 43mm
capsules including the reds and blues, (yes i save the capsules)
so all capsules are uniform in size.

I than went to a local craft store, and for $4.99 (on sale), I got
a package of 8 different color pinstripe rolls of tape.

My next step was to colorize around the edges for the special
strikes .....
Red - red caps / Blue - blue caps / Green - SS Club / Orange - Brothels

My next step was to make tabs identifying what was in the row ......

My last step I am working on is to label each capsule with their SSC #

And now I am happy i have compact storage for my strikes .....

Vietnam Veteran

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