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Casino Chips and Tokens for Sale

Hello Again: I deleted my most recent post, as I feel that maybe I should tell you a little bit more about my-self.

I'm a collector and dealer - having started with coins in my teenage years, I progressed into all areas.
sometime around 1990 I got into collecting and dealing in Casino Chips, Tokens and almost anything else I could find Casino related.

I was an early member of the CC>CC - I believe I was member #215
I attended almost all of the conventions held in Las Vegas up until about 1998

After my mother passed away in 2000, I slowly lost interest in collecting - although I did attend the convention in 2000 and 2001

My collection sat idle for last 7 or 8 years and i've slowly started collecting and selling again this past year.

Most of my collection will be put up for sale on my photography web site over the course of the next few weeks.

I'm hoping that many of the new members will find chips or tokens that may interest them.

It's doubtful that if you are a long time collector that you'll find something that you don't already have - but it won't hurt to take a look at what i've got for sale.

Being from the Mid-West, I traveled to a lot of the Riverboats and Indian Casinos in WI, IL, IA and MN.
so as a Riverboat or Indian casino collector, you very well may find some bargains.

I collected just about everything - Chips, Tokens, Dice, Swizzle Sticks, Ash Trays
I'll try and get things posted as I finish sorting - so this process may take a few weeks.

Right now, i've got a small portion of NV and Riverboats listed, a bunch of Colorado and a few CA. chips and Tokens.

There will be more, but it will take me a while to sort.


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